Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Few Photos

Here are just a few photos I've accumulated over the week!

 This one is from Provins with my two girlfriends Chantal and Melissa. Taken in front of Tour Cesar.

 My favorite fountain, St Michel.
Me, Melissa, Sofia, Jared and Chantal on our champagne boat tour of the city.
 Ah! the Sousterrains of Provins. Underground tunnels below the whole city dating back to medieval times. The walls only got smaller from here!

Ice skating at Hotel de Ville. Haven't gone yet but have enjoyed watching with a gaufres (chocolate waffle) or two!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


So I've got a bit of down time so I thought I'd update y'all on life in Paris!
Had a blast with mom, gma and uncle while they were here but unfortunately didn't have a lot of time to spend with them. I had orientation from saturday to the following sunday so it sort of consumed me but a few meals here and there as well as some sightseeing was squeezed in. We had a fabulous day at the Opera Garnier (pics to come), a nightmare shopping adventure at Bazar Hotel De Ville (which mom would probably refute), and a trip to the Madeleine.
They came and went way too quickly but luckily I have been plenty busy to not be missing them too much (yet!!).
The day before school started, Sunday, I took a day trip to Provins, not to be confused with Provence, which is on the border of Champagne and Il-de-france. (again, pictures to come). It was a great little medieval town but far too cold for me to not complain 85% of the time. Typical.
I am very excited about my classes and am even more excited to have declared a major that I actually like! I have decided on Urban studies, which is a branch of the history dept and shares core classes with the art history majors. My advising professor is great and encouraged me to take his summer school class in Switzerland, which I am highly considering. He also suggested a semester at AUPs sister school, the Eugene Lang new school in NYC, which again, am highly considering.
As far as classes, I have a Paris architecture class which I already love. My teacher is so passionate and has so many fabulous pictures from his travels that it makes 2 class periods at 4 hours each less monotonous. In this class, we have one lecture period and one walking period. As to say that one class is on campus and the other is a walking tour of the city. So looking forward to this!
Another class I enjoy is my modern city class. My professor is a kiwi from the lang school in ny and the class size is 5 girls including myself. I already really like it even though we have only met once this week.
My third class is philosophy in the city, taught by a brit who dangerously resembles Jude Law. Ive heard horror stories about this class but am keeping an open mind!
And lastly of course is my french class. Nothing to say about it yet.
I have been so lucky to meet such great kids so far. In each class I probably have about 6 different nationalities, and my largest class is of 20 so that goes to say. The majority of my friends are just visiting from san francisco but I can tell I will keep in touch with them for years to come. I have oddly met a few kids whom i have friends in common with/ are from orange county. My best girlfriend so far is this gorgeous girl from Madrid who is the sweetest you can imagine and not to mention has an insane wardrobe and has been attending fashion week. Brat.  We are already talking about moving in together next semester in the 6eme or 4eme which I could not be more excited about!
I signed up for a study trip to Champagne for the weekend of the 27th which I am looking forward to and am planning a trip to Prague, Morocco and Amsterdam for the time being.
I am so loving life and wish I could share some photos. This time around is so much different than last time and I cannot wait to see where this semester takes me. I feel like I am going to be so much more open minded and learn so much from these great peers of mine who seem years beyond their age. This school has so far been the perfect choice for me and I finally don't feel like I am missing out on anything in life because there are so many like minded people here that truly make me believe this is my home for at least the next two years.
Until next time
the new and improved CRose

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So I FINALLY got my internet set up this morning, which means I can use my computer for more that 2 seconds a day, which is so exciting. This morning I have a double period Paris Architecture lecture so I am preparing myself to listen to my teacher (whom I saw nursing a beer or two at our school bar last night for open mic night) talk for 175 minutes about how amazing columns are. Sigh.
On a broader note, I returned from a day trip to Provins on Sunday and have lots of pictures to share, but realized I brought the wrong chord to plug in to my computer. Sigh again. Its on my list of things to do this week so I should be uploading them as soon as I get that sorted.
I have so much to catch you all up on but have to run off to class now so expect lots of posts in the near future!!!
Until next time
PS here is a picture of mom and I at the Jardin du Luxembourg and a picture of my apartment!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm Back!

I am officially back in the city I love. After about a hundred goodbyes, packing and repacking my suitcase twice, a going away party that I am still feeling the wrath of, and the smelliest flight you can imagine, I am relaxing in a Parisian apartment munching on brie and a baguette. I spent the whole day today sleeping, and am about to pack up what I need for my first day of orientation tomorrow. I will be staying in temporary housing until January 16th while I do my testing and choose my classes etc. My schedule is 12 hours a day every day until then so I shall get back in to the blogging swing of things in a few weeks! Looking forward to spending the little free time I have with Mom, Gma, and uncle while I can!
And so it begins!
Until next time