Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ciao Bella!

Alright so here is how Rome went:
got to the airport at about 16h30. POURING down rain! Pretty sure I only packed for warm weather, and had just one pair of sandals for the two weeks. FML. So we finally got to our hostel after HOURS of searching in the rain. No one spoke english there and looked at us like we were from another planet. There were only 3 rooms in the hostel, and our room seemed to be the only one booked up, with 4 other people in it already. They got real annoying real fast, so we decided that we deserved a nice dinner after all that we had gone through. We headed out to what seemed like a good area, according to our guide book. Seeing as I spent 2 weeks planning these trips, and Rome was supposed to be 4 days long, we chose our top 4   for the city and explored one of the 4 areas. We ran into the Trevi fountain on the way to dinner.       Throwing my coin in.   On our walk to the square, we hit this  lil guy. We thought it was the Pantheon, but later was made fun of for about 3 hours by some ex-pats because clearly it is not. Im still not sure what it is though? Rome went by a little fast :/

Dinner was delicious, but it was pouring harder than I have ever seen in my whole life, no exaggeration, and like I said, neither of us were prepared for the weather, so we turned that in to a 3 hour dinner pretty quickly. 
After dinner, clearly not wanting to go back to the hostel, we decided to head to a bar. I had heard millions of recommendations for bars and clubs that I was so excited to try out, but given the weather and the lack of enthusiasm for this city, we headed next door to an all American, beer pong playing bar. Yuck. The last place in the whole entire world I would ever want to be. We did meet the ex-pats here though, and we had some fun just chit chatting with them.
Headed back to the hostel pretty early that night, seeing as we had a tour of the Vatican at 10 am and a flight at 16h. 
Again, this is where the FML part comes it. Our hostelmates stumbled in at about 330 am, and decided to get in a HUGE fist fight/ cursing contest with the people who work there. Apparently someone stole someone's jacket, which of course requires a brawl in the middle of the night. I politely, ok maybe not, but still, asked them to shut the freak up and to put me in a 4 star if they didn't stop, and was cussed out by the guy who owns the hostel? Okay... 
Flash forward to 7 am, the people who work at the hostel decided to throw a raging bash with everyone they know, until about 9 am. Lovely.
Flash forward again to about 930 am, time for us to check out, no one coherent is anywhere to be found, and there are people passed out everywhere. Ew. Finally I snoop around, seeing as we are already going to be late to our Vatican tour. The only person I can find is the guy I got in a fight with the night before, NAKED, still drunk probably. He casually helps me check out, still naked. Eh? Let's just thank god that's over with.
Headed to the Vatican for a tour following an umbrella with a bunch of Americans. Who am I?!
So, here are my pics of the Vatican Museum for all y'all:

Newest addition: the spiral walkway in the museum. St. Peter's basilica behind me (still raining). 
Large head in the pine cone courtyard. 

 Pine cone.

 Sneaky pic of the Sistine Chapel, not to be confused with the Sixteenth Chapel.

 Vatican City. Inhabitants: Roughly 300. Only home to the Swiss guards of the Museum and Pope. Only after 2 years of service can they invite their families in to live with them in the city. Or something like that.  St Peter's Square.  St Peter's Basilica.  The inside of the church.  Stairwell leading to where all the popes are buried. Icky. 

Sorry for my lack of Vatican pictures. It was overwhelming/ forbidden/ we were really tired.
So after the tour was over at about 13h, back to Rome to do 3 hours of sight seeing and head to the airport right-quick.  
So in a nutshell: here is Rome

 Run really quick to the Pantheon, which has a whole in the roof? Okay. Briskly walk to the Colosseum. Run into the ex-pats from the previous night. Small world? Find out that it is free (!) to enter the Colosseum just for that day. Do a quick tour while the sun comes out for 35 minutes.  Feel really sad for the people who lost their lives, but smile for a necessary picture, and feel a bit inspired to watch Gladiator.  Get a nice picture of one of Rome's 3 (4?) versions of the Arc de Triomphe.
Leap over cobblestones to the Spanish Steps. 

 Hop on a train, and head off to Barcelona on red eye flight with a Catalonian family reunion. In case you don't know, Catalonians are WAY louder than Spaniards AND Italians. Lovely to deal with whilst trying to get some shut eye for a quick 2 hours. Hence us sleeping practically in the toilettes. 
Ciao Roma, Hola Espana! 


  1. So glad that I got to tour Athens and Rome without the delays, strikes, fleas, brawls and naked guys. All in all it was a pretty good trip for me, Thank You Miss Cait!!! Oh yeah, you funny! :)

  2. Well now, that I have been to Athens and Rome, I am ready for Spain. So glad I didn't have to sleep in the toilettes! Ahh to be young and fancy free...

  3. ohh Roma is very beautiful and your pictures also!
    http://justbeyourselfff.blogspot.com/, follow me if u like :)
    kiss from spain