Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ill Find You That French Girl, You'll Find Me That French Boy

Not much has been going on lately, so nothing really to blog. Tuesday I had to go to the immigration office to get a physical for my visa, which was located in the Bastille. There was this huge strike planned for that day, but we all thought it was for public transportation, turns out it was Anti-Sarkozy/Anti-Communism. It was my first strike and I was so excited to join in! it was also SO hot and the march went from the Bastille to my front door, so it was quite the experience seeing the neighborhoods around me. Now I feel a little less secluded over here in my neck of the woods. I love this guy! So many photographers were having a field day with him. He's so 90s punk looking and was totally bad ass rocking the flare. 
Not much else to post about. Here's a pretty picture of an after-the-rain sky. Off to Bordeaux in the morning so I should have plenty to post after the weekend! Margaret gets in Monday morning so this coming week is going to be SO busy! Cannot wait to see her though!
Until next time

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do Not Fear What You Don't Know

So this week was AWKWARDLY hot, they even turned the fountain at my intersection on! It's so pretty and totally reminds me of my baby Delilah (sad face), but I love that its on, maybe there is a glimmer of hope that winter is over and we're headed in to spring finally! 
We opened our windows in the living room and realized that there is enough room on the windowsill to actually sit out there and watch the day go by. So Thursday Caroline and I opted out of adventuring and decided to sit out there all day and we even made dinner!
Tacos with chips and salsa! I really miss mexican food and our meal was surprisingly delicious. So we enjoyed our little homecooking and spent the rest of the evening out on our "balcony" (or so we like to call it). People were actually REALLY surprised walking by seeing us sitting out there, but I felt a bit of a Beauty and the Beast moment and couldn't refrain from humming a little "bonjour, good day, how is your family"
We can see the little tip top of the Eiffel Tower from our window also so we just watched  that light go round and round and round all night. It was definitely a good break from the hectic week. And not to mention I felt a LITTLE bit like I was back home with the warm weather. (Which of course turned into a torrential downpour last night. Of course) 
Friday I went to Hotel de Ville which was actually REALLY cool. In the square in front they had a francophone awareness something or another festival. These people were on stilts, boys from 8 to men around 60 years old all trying to knock each other off. They had a lot of cool African drums and bongos playing. The whole thing took about 30 minutes and the winner did a little Irish jig ON his stilts at the end. Looks like it took a lot of practice, but he was pretty good at it!    
Again, my pictures do not do justice to the city AT ALL, which is a bummer but doesn't stop be from being paparazzi everyday!
Off to do some sort of exploring today!
until next time

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Hope you all had a good St Pattys! After class Caroline and I headed to my favorite cafe in St Michel, Cafe Panis, for some Croque Monsieurs and a Kronenbourg before happy hour. It was SO humid and sticky that I was disgustingly sweating through my thin shirt and leggings. Gross. We did get to do a lot of people watching though, because like I said, its tourist season officially! Among the tourists I saw this Parisian girl riding her Vespa. How cute is she?! Lady in red on her pink bike. Only in Paris I suppose.
A shot of our lunch. Quite substantial I'd say, to balance out our green Guinness's. THIS is the reason why I love this cafe. So close to my building, HUGE croque monsieurs for cheap, perfect view of Notre Dame, and it reminds me of my mom. 
After our meal we headed over to our favorite Irish pub in the alley behind St Michel. It was SO crowded but the australian bartender LOVES us so we got right in. My neighbor Horacio met us there and we all celebrated with our green Guinness's and the rugby match on the tele.We met a lot of really cute boys (of course because we are from Cali) but I am starting to notice (and get annoyed with) the same conversation every time I meet someone! Where are you from, I love california, why are you here, where do you study, WHAT do you study, when do you leave. Of course all in Franglais. Partly because thats the easiest topic to discuss, and partly because i've yet to meet someone that I want to talk more with. Aside from Laurent :) I ended my night early while my roommates and some friends headed to karaoke. I guess you can say I was a party pooper but I DO have homework still for my online class back home, so I had to work a little on that before I completely become overwhelmed. 
Off to class now, but afterwards we are headed to the park right behind our apt. I had no idea it was really there because we never go that direction (except to take the metro to McDo. Oops). Here's a link to show just how HUGE this park is! I guess in the middle of one of the man made lakes they have a cafe on a rooftop or something? Im hoping today is just as warm as yesterday so I can check it out!
I'll post pics of it later, of course.
until next time

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

View From The Top

Today was SUCH a gorgeous day! I finally got to take my jacket off and let the sun beat down on my skin. After school I met Caroline at Raspail to explore the neighborhood. We ended up at Luxembourg gardens with a bottle of wine and a baguette and just sat for about two hours. It was SO nice I cant even explain. Afterwards, we walked on over to Tour Montparnasse to watch the sunset from the 56th floor. I've been wanting to do this FOREVER and it was finally clear enough out to head up to the top. We were really tired after all the walking (and ok maybe the wine added to it a little) so we didn't stay for too long, but it was really a breathtaking view. Another one of those moments that just makes me realize, I'm in Paris. Life is good! 
We also made a pact today to not go home until the sunsets. Which hopefully will help us in our exploring and meeting new people and finding all those hidden gems. 
Told you i'd try and post a pic a day! Tomorrow is St Patty's so we are rallying up a group to head to our favorite Irish pub after school to celebrate. Hope you all have a good day and remember to WEAR GREEN!
until next time

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Hope You Don't Mind, That I Write Down In Words

I'm officially the worst blogger! So sorry for the lengthy wait between the posts. I try not to sit at the computer too often, which I suppose is a good thing. But, I have realized that this little blog isn't only for your benefit, but is for mine too, a sort of e-diary. So much has happened though, so here goes:
Caroline and I attempt to be tourists as often as we can, to be able to experience the city fully and to have little hidden gems to show friends and family when they DO visit. We headed to the Champs Elysee about a week ago to see the Arc de Triomphe and stopped into McDo for a potty break. Did you know they have a pastry store there!? Macaroons, cappuccinos and all. Quite expensive too, and its only at that one McDonalds. I thought that was quite an interesting fun fact. Anyways, the Champs is gorgeous, of course, and the Arc never fails to be awe-some ( as in leaving me in awe. This word has been utilized a lot in my vocab since I have been here. It still doesn't do justice explaining ANYTHING in the city, but its getting there). 
Last wednesday the whole building went to the France v Spain futbol game. It was so much fun to really meet everyone from the building and see who actually lives here. The game was a little much for me. No roof with 40 degree weather at night time is not ideal. And not to mention I thought it would be indoors. It was still really cool to see it and be able to say I went to a real live futbol game. Definitely recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity. Last weekend we went to the Loire Valley. It was not my favorite thing because we went to one really small castle and spent WAY too long there, but we did go to Leonardo da Vinci's which was interesting, but it was the only day I have been homesick, so of course, I was a bit of a debbie downer. Sadly.  
On the bright side, the day after Caroline and I headed to Sacre Coeur for our Sunday adventure. It was SO crowded, and we went inside in perfect time to listen to the organ and watch Sunday mass. That was quite a cool experience, but I was a lot more interested in what was happening outside. So many street performers including a puppet show and live music. We met some really cool people and ended up sharing a bottle of wine watching the sunset. Sacre Coeur instantly became my favorite place in the whole world, and Caroline and I decided to make it our Sunday ritual. 2 for 2 Sundays so far.
Wednesday I spend my night at the Louvre. It is open until 10 rather than the normal 6 o'clock so I head over after class for my weekly alone time and work on a floor/wing every time. I had to do a presentation on it last week for my class and found out SO MUCH about the history of it and even some cool little secrets. Here's a picture I took at sunset last Wednesday. Again, awe-some. Period.  
This weekend came and went like crazy. Caroline and I went to the Rodin museum, which has to be my favorite in the city. It has the Gates of Hell (here), the Thinker (below) and many other statues scattered throughout the small garden. And not to mention the gorgeous view of Invalides AND the Eiffel Tower from anywhere on the property.    Afterwards we headed to Angelina's, which may have been a mistake seeing as it was the opening day of the new macaroon shop, but we were seated within 30 minutes and had one of the best meals we had in a while. Drinking chocolate, onion soup, and fries. YUM. (Thats for you Ma and Grandma)
 After we walked over to the Madeleine, I hadn't been here since my first trip to Paris and remembered that it was in a really pretty area, and about a block up from the Tuileries, where we were for lunch. I like this church on the inside the most I think. And on Saturday's  they have tribute concerts to all the classics. This Saturday it was Mozart, but 20 euros for a student admission didn't get me too excited for it. Maybe another weekend.
My friend Harmony visited this weekend from Aix- En- Provence so we went to the Orsay on Sunday and FINALLY stumbled upon the Locks of Love bridge. This bridge is my favorite in the whole city. It is two levels and people put locks representing their love on the railings. The Orsay is in the background of the picture, and even though it looks freezing, it was one of the warmer days of the month so far. After walking for a while mindlessly, we ran in to the Opera and had a yummy croissant at Brioche Doree before heading to the Moulin Rouge.  
Sunday sunset at Sacre Coeur ending up being even better this week. The sunsets get better and better every night. Of course my camera does not do justice but the whole sky lights up bright pink, purple and orange for about an hour. Yet again, awe-some. After sunset, caroline and I headed to Chat Noir, a restaurant i've been dying to try, right next to the Moulin Rouge and had THE BEST meal of my life. We decided to splurge and sat for a good two hours with our steak, fries, grilled veggies, everything! My first real balanced meal all month. Oops.  
Our little adventures really motivate me to keep on the lookout everyday and not be tempted to head straight home after school. Today Caroline met me at St Michel after school and we had our first real sidewalk/cafe experience! It is starting to be tourist season so Notre Dame was bustling with so many foreigners, it was so nice to sit and take it all in. We also bought touristy postures to decorate our rather drab apt. I also found the perfect present for the brother's birthday. Can't wait to put it in the mail!  We killed time at Gibert Jeune, the Barnes and Noble of France, flipping through travel books to get ready for our spring break! Cant wait! Headed to Athens, Rome, Barcelona and ending up in Amsterdam for Queens Day festival. Going to be the trip of a lifetime.  Shakespeare and Co called out our names so we flipped through all kinds of book. Everyone who works there is English, American, or Canadian. Maybe i'll ask if they're hiring? It IS right next to school. Monday nights I guess they do readings at 7. We missed it tonight but next week is a read of Simone De Beauvoir's The Second Sex so I MAY just have to sit in on that one.  
I have been meeting some great new people. A cute Parisian girl stopped me at the market last week and ever since, we have been helping each other, she tutoring me in french, and I, helping her with her english. It is really great to have met her because she invited me to a party at her house this past weekend were I got to meet even more Parisians, as well as people from all around. She is in her mid 20's and knows a lot about the neighborhood I live in and also really helps me understand not just the grammar I'm learning, but small, important things like mannerisms of the French and such. Another exciting adventure has been meeting a boy that i've really started to like. He has taught me, already, so much about just keeping my eyes open and letting the world take me wherever it wants. He is so interesting and inspires me everyday to keep an open mind and just think, "I'm in Paris. What's not to love about life." 
Not to mention he makes me feel beautiful whenever i'm with him :)

ok cheesy

Life is about to get real crazy real soon. Im going to promise at least one picture a day!!!
until next time