Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh Happy Day!!

Greetings from my warm and cozy room! Thought I'd do a little update before I head off to Amsterdam this weekend and Spring Break next!
If you were to ask me how I was doing right now, I'd have to say sore. Sore from smiling so wide, laughing so hard, and dancing throughout the streets so much.
Each and every single day becomes better than the previous and I literally could not imagine being anywhere in the whole entire world besides this exact chair that I am sitting in right now.
To give y'all a little update on my snowy week, I'll start with a fantastic concert that a group of about 15 of us went to weekend before last. It was so spur of the moment (I'm talking we decided to go at dinner and were there within the hour), but it was such a blast! Not to mention I'm pretty sure I fell in love. Ok well maybe not love but my like is really big! All I'm gonna say about that is that he's from Switzerland, comes to Paris often to visit his best friend who lives here, and loves to Skype me when I need a break from homework. Don't want to get too excited about it just yet so more to come if and when we progress! We're planning another trip for him to come back at the moment so we'll see!
On another note, I do have a new 2 year old boyfriend. His name is Leo, he's perfect, and I'm teaching him English. My first day was Valentine's Day so I made him a yummy carrot puree dinner which he so thoughtfully flung all over me. We then proceeded to have a puppet show in franglais, which mostly involved him hitting me in the head with a wooden train. Such a doll. It was my trial day and it seems like I got the job but fingers crossed that he loves me and just has a funny way of showing it!

This Friday was my good friend Sofia's 23rd birthday. We started the evening with going to a spanish restaurant, moved back to her apartment for a party and cake, and dance until the sun came up at a fantastic club on Rivoli. She has loads of french and spanish friends whom all joined us so it was quite a cultural evening! Not to mention her friend is in town for two weeks to model in Paris fashion week so we had quite the attention on us, or on her. Either way it was a fabulous evening with lots of new friends!

This past weekend my dear friend Charlie was in town from London. I'm sure you all remember Charlie as one half of xpose pr before her visa expired. It put the biggest smile on my face to see her!  I introduced two of my friends to her and her friends which ended up being such a blast! Everyone hit it off so well, as you can imagine with 4 brits, two gays, and two girls from California.
We spent the day being cultural at the Pompidou center on Sunday and met back up with her and her friends at the rooftop bar there, which I have been dying to go to since my very first trip to Paris. I literally loved it so much that I've been back twice since. Did I mention that Jared and I both showed up in the same exact outfit, with literally the same exact red pants from H&M on? He's 6'5 and I'm 5'3. If you can imagine. We just decided to go with it and call it an early VDay outfit! Tres chic. 

Valentine's evening was spent with my close friends Lily, Peter, Charles and Scott. The boys were so sweet and gave us "not discounted" chocolates as a valentines gift. We then walked over to the Eiffel Tower from the boys' house and watched it light up for a few hours from across the river at the Trocadero. Hate to admit we got a little rowdy and climbed on the fountain, but it makes for a fabulous photo!! We also got hot wine, chocolate gauffres, and went on the merry go round about ten times. I'd have to say its been my favorite valentines ever, even though it was my second one spent under the Eiffel Tower! (apologies for the horrible photo quality and scary red eyes but gotta make do with what I have for now!)

The weather has warmed up immensely in the last few days so I've been enjoying my time outdoors a lot. Last week a few friends and I spent the afternoon at Shakespeare & Co going through all of the old books and finding love letters stashed in between the yellowing pages. Here's a little photo of the "courtyard" at shakespeare in which people add their little toys to for some character. 
After our treasure hunting, we headed to the Louvre to take advantage of the late Wednesday closing. 

I think thats about all that has been eventful in the past few weeks. I'm so excited for this weekend seeing as it's my first trip out of Paris this semester! Cant wait to travel with new friends and meet even more new friends once I get there. Next week for spring break I will do Berlin with Jared, Barcelona with Jared and a few friends coincidentally from OC who go to AUP, and then meet Chantal in Venice before heading back to Paris. Still thinking about squeezing a trip to Zurich in because it's so cheap but not sure if I'm ready for that! 
Until next time!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A couple photos

Taking a little break from an essay I'm writing to post some photos! Headed to the school bar tonight to watch the Super Bowl which I'm pretty excited about. I have so many more pictures to share once I receive my cord from mama at home but here are just a few!

Some fun street art I've seen over the last week!

It's snowing today! Woke up at my friends house to see this view out of her window. Its hard to hate the snow when this is the result.
My friends birthday cake at her 18th bday fete. I showed up expecting nothing fancy but was greeted with a doorman, elevator tenant, two djs, numerous bartenders, and catering from one of the nicest restaurants in the city. Oh and a rented out movie theater the next day to pre screen her fathers film before he shows it at Cannes this season. Not to mention it was in his penthouse on the corner of Champs-Elysees and George V. Arguably her balcony has a better view than the Eiffel Tower. Yeah she hates her life. 

Back to school party with new friends! Sitting on a hammock over a swimming pool. It was definitely quite a fun night!

Chinese New Year on my street last weekend, seeing as I live in Chinatown. So cold but so fun!

Standard Eiffel Tower pic, walking home from school. 

Champagne day trip. Too cold to take many pics but I do have a few to share.

My walking tour/architecture class last wednesday at Notre Dame as well as the crypte archeologique (which is the original city, lutecia, under the notre dame. still quite preserved with the roman walls and baths.) Coldest day of the month so far so it was a struggle to pay attention but we did get to sit in on mass inside the Notre Dame which was exciting!

A church next to one of my campus locations. It makes me giggle every time I walk by this graffiti. 

A little square in Montmartre has this man stuck in the wall. There is a very long tale behind the reasoning which I thought was extremely interesting. Cliff notes is that he can walk through walls, and once he  falls in love he becomes stuck in his lovers wall and can never escape. 

Champagne from Champagne.

Ice skating rink on the Eiffel Tower! My friend Chantal is a professional ice skater so I stole this picture from her because I was in class when she went, but what an exciting experience for her!

One of our private tours in Champagne. I love that he stores his motorcycle with his bottles. 

And finally, a little picture from the Provins trip the first week of school. 

Socrates is calling so I shall dash and finish my paper. Hopefully I'll receive my cord by the end of the week to be able to do a full blog post within the next week or so!
Until next time