Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do Not Fear What You Don't Know

So this week was AWKWARDLY hot, they even turned the fountain at my intersection on! It's so pretty and totally reminds me of my baby Delilah (sad face), but I love that its on, maybe there is a glimmer of hope that winter is over and we're headed in to spring finally! 
We opened our windows in the living room and realized that there is enough room on the windowsill to actually sit out there and watch the day go by. So Thursday Caroline and I opted out of adventuring and decided to sit out there all day and we even made dinner!
Tacos with chips and salsa! I really miss mexican food and our meal was surprisingly delicious. So we enjoyed our little homecooking and spent the rest of the evening out on our "balcony" (or so we like to call it). People were actually REALLY surprised walking by seeing us sitting out there, but I felt a bit of a Beauty and the Beast moment and couldn't refrain from humming a little "bonjour, good day, how is your family"
We can see the little tip top of the Eiffel Tower from our window also so we just watched  that light go round and round and round all night. It was definitely a good break from the hectic week. And not to mention I felt a LITTLE bit like I was back home with the warm weather. (Which of course turned into a torrential downpour last night. Of course) 
Friday I went to Hotel de Ville which was actually REALLY cool. In the square in front they had a francophone awareness something or another festival. These people were on stilts, boys from 8 to men around 60 years old all trying to knock each other off. They had a lot of cool African drums and bongos playing. The whole thing took about 30 minutes and the winner did a little Irish jig ON his stilts at the end. Looks like it took a lot of practice, but he was pretty good at it!    
Again, my pictures do not do justice to the city AT ALL, which is a bummer but doesn't stop be from being paparazzi everyday!
Off to do some sort of exploring today!
until next time


  1. Bonjour Mon Amis......... The Hotel De Ville is sooo beautiful with all of the sculptures and architecture. How lucky you were to be there just in time to see the stilt battle (wonder what that was all about). The courtyard there hosts cultural exhibits all year round so hopefully you will see lots of cool stuff this spring especially now that the weather is changing and you can so alot more walking without your nose and toes being froze, rolly!
    Thanks for sharing the pics and commentary, loving my season in Paris vicariously through your eyes!

  2. Ah, the balcony, the view, the meal and the hint of Spring! That odd weight on your left shoulder is me, looking at Paris through your eyes!