Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ill Find You That French Girl, You'll Find Me That French Boy

Not much has been going on lately, so nothing really to blog. Tuesday I had to go to the immigration office to get a physical for my visa, which was located in the Bastille. There was this huge strike planned for that day, but we all thought it was for public transportation, turns out it was Anti-Sarkozy/Anti-Communism. It was my first strike and I was so excited to join in! it was also SO hot and the march went from the Bastille to my front door, so it was quite the experience seeing the neighborhoods around me. Now I feel a little less secluded over here in my neck of the woods. I love this guy! So many photographers were having a field day with him. He's so 90s punk looking and was totally bad ass rocking the flare. 
Not much else to post about. Here's a pretty picture of an after-the-rain sky. Off to Bordeaux in the morning so I should have plenty to post after the weekend! Margaret gets in Monday morning so this coming week is going to be SO busy! Cannot wait to see her though!
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  1. hey caits!
    I had lunch with your mom and grams for uncle jer's bday today and your blog was brought up! I tried looking it up before but i guess i had been spelling it wrong so i found the postcard your mom wrote down. I enjoyed reading a few of your last entries. I am so glad you are exploring and having a great time there. I loved it so much I think about it everyday. I told your mom I was going to hide in shannon's carryons when she goes with ashton. I'm going to live through you on this! (:
    Tell your roommate caroline, thanks for the tour in the bastille/invalides area. And thank you for all your help in getting em and i around!
    have fun!!