Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Hope you all had a good St Pattys! After class Caroline and I headed to my favorite cafe in St Michel, Cafe Panis, for some Croque Monsieurs and a Kronenbourg before happy hour. It was SO humid and sticky that I was disgustingly sweating through my thin shirt and leggings. Gross. We did get to do a lot of people watching though, because like I said, its tourist season officially! Among the tourists I saw this Parisian girl riding her Vespa. How cute is she?! Lady in red on her pink bike. Only in Paris I suppose.
A shot of our lunch. Quite substantial I'd say, to balance out our green Guinness's. THIS is the reason why I love this cafe. So close to my building, HUGE croque monsieurs for cheap, perfect view of Notre Dame, and it reminds me of my mom. 
After our meal we headed over to our favorite Irish pub in the alley behind St Michel. It was SO crowded but the australian bartender LOVES us so we got right in. My neighbor Horacio met us there and we all celebrated with our green Guinness's and the rugby match on the tele.We met a lot of really cute boys (of course because we are from Cali) but I am starting to notice (and get annoyed with) the same conversation every time I meet someone! Where are you from, I love california, why are you here, where do you study, WHAT do you study, when do you leave. Of course all in Franglais. Partly because thats the easiest topic to discuss, and partly because i've yet to meet someone that I want to talk more with. Aside from Laurent :) I ended my night early while my roommates and some friends headed to karaoke. I guess you can say I was a party pooper but I DO have homework still for my online class back home, so I had to work a little on that before I completely become overwhelmed. 
Off to class now, but afterwards we are headed to the park right behind our apt. I had no idea it was really there because we never go that direction (except to take the metro to McDo. Oops). Here's a link to show just how HUGE this park is! I guess in the middle of one of the man made lakes they have a cafe on a rooftop or something? Im hoping today is just as warm as yesterday so I can check it out!
I'll post pics of it later, of course.
until next time

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