Saturday, January 23, 2010

Miles From Where You Are

Well with my last few days in the OC I'm slowly trying to transition from a 65 degree winter to a Parisian 30something degree spring. Just doing some last minute preparations. No one in California sells earmuffs, I swear! 
Shirt: Rebecca Beeson
Trousers: Rojas
Bag: Rachel Roy
Scarf: Vintage Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Forever 21. 
Until next time


  1. Whoa Paris!? Caitfunk better be postin frequent then haha

  2. OMG!!The pants are so cool!I LOVE THEM!
    This is your second post??Good luck with the blogging adventure!! That troussers and how you combined it made follow you!!
    I have a draw for a giveaway in my blog, check it, maybe you re interested!xoxo