Monday, February 8, 2010

Breakfast of champs on the Champs

Here are some pictures of our day on the Champs as well as a dorky one from the Notre Dame as service was going on Sunday night, and of course, a picture in front of Louboutin. Brunch at Laduree was so amazing. And not to mention could feed a whole army! I have been looking forward to this brunch since Christmas and it definitely did not disappoint. Today I'm getting ready to move in to my new apartment! I am so excited and cannot wait to meet my flatmates!
This trip has already been above and beyond what I have been hoping for and I am so eager to establish a life here in the next coming months.
School starts this week but I'll try and keep the blog up to date.
P.S. Let's hope my next picture in front of Louboutin is one of me investing in my own first pair! Starving college student? At least I'll look good doing it, right hehe.
until next time
Hat: Forever21
Coat: Rachel Roy
Bag: Rachel Roy
Tights: Romeo and Juliet Couture
Boots: Migliorini
Black Coat: United Colors of Benetton


  1. Shawn brought me macaroons from Laduree last time he was in London. So yummy. I still have the box.

  2. Great pics, Caitlin! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to wish you Bon Voyage before you left. I meant to call you and your mom, but the day got away from me. Have a wonderful time this is the time of your life and you deserve it! Thinking of you daily. Love you, xoxo the other MO

  3. Thanks Mo. Glad to know that the moms are following. Ill be sure to keep posting for you all to see!