Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've Fallen in Love

Its official! I am in love with this city. Done so much exploring this past weekend! Saturday we visited the Marais as well as the Bastille. So many gorgeous hidden museums, houses and monuments along the way!   Here is a picture from the Hotel Sully. It was so gorgeous and the sun FINALLY came out after a rainy morning. This old mansion was so serene and peaceful with birds chirping and people reading and sun shining. It was weird to exit the reality of the hustle and bustle of the city for a minute to a completely secluded garden. Caroline and I also visited the Hotel Carnavelet which has the history of the whole city in about 4 floors of the windiest home I have ever been in. Way more confusing than even the Louvre but just as beautiful.  Also in the Bastille we stumbled upon this carnival. Really creepy looking but they had churros so I was all for it. I like to think that Saturday was a day dedicated to my Momma seeing as I got out and about and stopped and smelled the flowers every five minutes. Sunday was also quite a touristy day. We traveled to Pere Lachaise, where Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, and Jim Morrison, just to name a few, are buried.  Here is Jim Morrison's. It was all blocked off but pretty cool to see. This one is Oscar Wilde's. I guess the tradition is to kiss it? I did not know that but was game for it anyways. Pere Lachaise was so gorgeous and there was so much history to it. It was pretty eery just walking around. Makes you wonder, why the heck is a cemetery a point of interest? 

After Pere Lachaise we went to the first bar that invented Bloody Mary's. Worst experience ever. The bar tender was so rude, charged us 13 euro for it, and told us that celery in Bloody Mary's was disrespectful to him and therefore makes Americans horrible. Okay sir excuse me. On a lighter note, we visited Moulin Rouge as well as Sacre Couer at dusk. Of course, Montmartre is so seedy, but it was still so much fun nonetheless .   I think that Sacre Couer is my favorite place in all of Europe so far. It is sosososososoooooooooo pretty and I haven't even been inside of it yet. This place is one of those that make me say "wow, I live here". I have a lot of these moments but it never gets old.

Today Caroline and I headed to Galleries Lafayette to beat the rain. Way too overwhelming for us but it finally cleared up long enough for me to take this picture: .
Tonight we are headed to the steps of the Trocadero to watch the Eiffel Tower light up! Can't wait.
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  1. LOVE this day ........... my favorite arrondisement (Le Marais) and my favorite residence/museum The Carnevelet! Of course, you never met a CHURRO you didn't like!!!!!! Great pictures Miss Cait.