Saturday, February 20, 2010

We Drink Wine With Diamonds In Our Glass

Bonjour! Here are some pics to keep y'all updated on life in the city! Here is a picture of the gorgeous Sorbonne. Worst photographer ever but you can at least see how magnificent the building is! Unfortunately I am not in this building,but THIS is the view from my school, a building for all exchange students. Can't complain about this gorgeous area of the city now can I? My campus located right next to the famous (but frozen) St Michel fountain and it has so much life around it. It is starting to warm up a little, no more snow on the ground anymore but that means an influx of tourists. I must be situated right next to Little Greece or something because honestly, I am bombarded with people left and right in the ally ways behind school for gyros fries and falafels oh my! 
               This is an interesting wall that I stumbled upon when I was early for class a few days ago. I was afraid to take a picture with it (hence the awkward look on my face) because I thought it was going to come to life any second! I love exploring around my campus and hopefully I can find more silly things to take pictures with. 
                Also on Valentine's Day as I was roaming around Notre Dame I noticed an extremely large group of people all surrounded by police. Of course come to find out a day later that I had just missed, by seconds, 200 people kissing for Gay Marriage Rights in front the St Michel fountain. I guess that it was some international, organized something or another but I am just so disappointed that I didn't get to see that! 
(here's a link. It really is moving)
Here's an after thought picture of the beautiful Opera in the Madeline. Some of the girls from the program experiencing one of the first snow falls of the city a week back.
Off to explore today! Expect lots of pictures.
until next time

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