Sunday, March 18, 2012


The week before spring break, Chantal, Jared and I trained it to Amsterdam to stay with a friend of Chantal's. I loved Amsterdam and was so excited to get back and have my first trip of the semester! The weekend was pretty laid back, and since the city is so small, we just walked around the whole time with no real agenda. Lots of food, lots of good shopping, and a freak hail storm are what made up this trip. 
Ice skating at the I AMsterdam sign. Did I mention Chantal's a professional ice skate and I, well I'm not?

Mini pancakes! Yum

Ice skating

Heineken factory tour 

Ice skating!

Peeing our pants on the walk home.  A lot of this happened that weekend...

Infront of the palace

Dancing in the Heineken factory.

Amstel river

I AMsterdam!

Snowball fights at Museumplein

Bike riding throughout the city with a native. A must!

Gorgeous city!



Cows on the ceiling

At the Heineken bar

Haagen Dazs! Necessary

At a friend of Chantal's house. His dad is an interior designer and designed this lamp for Sebastian's room. Soo cool!!!

We had such a great weekend and really got along wonderfully (which I was a bit nervous about since it was our first trip together. And I'm a bitch). We went inside Anne Frank's house, which was my first time, and it was so eery yet so interesting. Definitely recommended to anyone who goes! Also got stuck in a baseball-sized-hail storm on the way to ice skating! I wish I had better pictures of it, but you can't really tell with the photos I took. We took cover in a nearby bar and by the time we had finished a beer, it was completely over! It was so great to just wander around with good company and explore new streets that I had never seen before. 
Spring Break posts to follow! 


  1. The painted houses, the glass, the canals, the food, the Pictures!!! All wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

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