Sunday, March 18, 2012


Barcelona was next. Again it was Jared and I, as well as a friend from OC/AUP. We stayed with one of their friends, who is also from OC strangely enough. We sort of did our own thing because my friend from AUP had a lung infection, so was in bed the whole time, and the girl we were staying with stayed home with her. Thank god I didn't catch it! The second we got off the plane we were so excited to be in warm weather, a beach city and to hear NO ONE speaking German! Barcelona consisted of running in to old friends at night clubs, beach days, Gaudi admiring, and hidden bars. We met up with even more of Jared's study abroad friends, of whom I actually hit it off with extremely well, and spent most of our trip being taken around by them. Again, being my second time in Barcelona, I definitely had things on my list, but was in no hurry to cross them off. 
Margaritas at a mexican restaurant. Definitely not spanish but got the job done!

Park Guell! Gaudi is my hero

Park Guell

Las Ramblas

Montjuic Castle

Montjuic Castle

Drinking on the beach! So happy to be in the sand

Montjuic Castle thirst quencher


Park Guell

La Boqueria market

Casa Batllo. My favorite place in all of Barcelona!

Park Guell

La Sagrada Familia. Awe-some!

Montjuic castle

La Sagrada Familia

Up to Montjuic!

Castle at Montjuic

Park Guell

Gaudi's home! Such a genius

Montjuic Castle

We went to so many fabulous places in Barcelona and I was so excited to have the sun shine on my face again. I couldn't have asked for a better group of kids to hangout with and had such a blast finding new spots, including the Sherlock Holmes bar (password and magnifying glass required), delicious gelato shops, and the strangest Spanish roommates you could imagine. It came and went so quickly, but I could not wait to get to Venice to meet Chantal and sleep in a real bed rather than someones floor, as thankful as I am to not have had to pay for a hotel!
Venice, Burano and Murano next!

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