Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break: 5 Days in Berlin

Spring Break started with 5 long days in Berlin. I went with my friend, Jared, and stayed at his friend from San Francisco and her sister's place in the city. Our flight left at o'dark thirty Friday morning, so we decided to stay out all thursday night and hop in a cab around 3 am that morning. Needless to say, I forgot most of my life in Paris, including a hair brush ( = stinky 2 week old hair), camera charger, a jacket, and so many more essentials. After a hangover, cured with mimosas on the plane, cured with Burger King in Berlin, we finally arrived around noon on Friday and slept the afternoon away. This was my second time in Berlin, so I wasn't too concerned with getting up and going everyday, which was a bit nice. 
A few of Jared's other friends from USF are studying abroad in Berlin as well, so we started our first night with dinner and bar hopping around the city with new and old friends. Nothing too exciting but so fun to meet new people and pop in to bars I have already been to before! Talk about crazy deja vu! I feel like everywhere I went was someplace I had either walked by before or had a crazy fun time with sis a few years before. 
The city was cold and dreary (in true Berlin fashion) so we weren't to motivated to do much of anything, but nonetheless crossed a few necessary things off the list. And so it begins:
Funk graffiti on the Spree at Watergate (Berlin club)

Cutest little restaurant in Tiergarten. We hiked all the way here thinking it was a Biergarten, only to find out in the winter it is a great little family dining spot. Sat for hours and enjoyed getting to know one another and flirting with the hot DILF whom asked us to teach his cute little girls how to speak English. Such a fabulous evening!

East Side Gallery Berlin Wall: Paris and Berlin

Alexanderplatz on a dreary day

Tiergarten walk.

Brandenburg Tour

Ich bein ein Berliner!

More Tiergarten

Getting lost at the Holocaust memorial off of Unter den Linden

My favorite art at the Berlin Wall

Holocaust Memorial

Brandenburg Tour with my new boyfriend... or so he thinks. 

Fabulous vintage shopping!!
Had a great time in Berlin! It was the perfect balance of sleeping in, cheap late night dinners, dance parties, and flea marketing. This trip compared to the one I took with Carrie is like black and white it was so different. It was definitely one on a budget, and involved more hanging around outside of cafes and house parties than anything. So thankful that we had such a darling apartment to stay at and two great sisters as our tour guides! Next stop: Barcelona!

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