Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stop 3: Venice, Burano and Murano

Next stop: Venice! Jared and I flew off to Venice for the last 3 days of the trip before returning to Paris for a relaxing (aka cramming in the library) weekend before school started again. We really lucked out and got a cute little apartment on one of the canals for crazy cheap! No hostels on this spring break! Venice is such a small city, and I had no pre conceived notions about which was absolutely fantastic! We spent most of our time sitting on the canal drinking wine and laughing about god knows what over bottles of wine. Tres chic. Chantal met up with us the second day and I was so excited to see her! We also ran in to 2 girls from AUP that we spent a bit of the trip with. We all took a day trip out to Burano (Island of the colorful houses) and Murano (where they make glass) which was so great to see! Sadly we arrived a little late so didn't get to take a tour of the glass factory, but I bought a great little wine stopper and beautiful necklace. Not to mention Jared broke a pair of glass earrings which are ghastly, but now mine nonetheless. And so it goes:

St. Marco square



St. Marco's

Last minute carb cramming before returning to Paris!

Hi mom!

Stracciatella! My all time favorite

Jared, Chantal and I in Burano

St. Marco's 

Beautiful in Burano

Little canal near our apartment


Ciao Venezia!

Cheesy at St Marco

Murano sunset



Venezia canals!

Burano play time



St. Marco's

He thought we were soul mates. I didn't hate it.

So I'd have to say Venice was my favorite because we got a great feel for the city in such a short amount of time. Minor set backs included maps flying into the canal when we were 100% lost and starving, room being about 85 degrees with no control at all, Hard Rock Cafe as the only option for nightlife, and vomit encrusted on the window of our 2 hour boat ride to the islands. But only MINOR set backs to this fabulous weekend! The weather was perfect and the company was even better. We didn't do any museums or anything of that sort because A we're broke and B the whole city is beautiful enough to get lost in without needing to be bombarded by tourists and queues. 
Spring break was so different than my last one because we got to take our time in each city without feeling rushed or spending an absurd amount of money. Even though I've already been to 2 of the 3 places, I didn't feel like it was a waste because this experience was 100% different than my last. I feel so lucky to have been able to cross even more things off of my bucket list and to do it with people that I enjoy at the same time. 
This week my best friend Tiffany is in Madrid, but will be visiting Amsterdam for the weekend, so of course I couldn't resist and bought a ticket to go visit her!! I am so excited to see her and can't wait to go back to such a great city. Call it ridiculous because I was just there, but I know I'd kick myself later if I didn't make the effort to see her! It's gonna be a quick trip and I won't be missing any school, so it really works out great! 
PS I've been designated photographer for Jared's fashion blog since we've been here so check it out! 
He's quite flamboyant but I love him to pieces and would be so homesick without him! Not to mention he's the best mirror to my horribly repetitive outfit choices I have every day. 

Until next time!!!

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